1.     Can I make the payment at the prier even if I made the reservation before?

       R/ All payments must be received within 72 hours of making the reservation.

2.     How long is the journey?

       R/  Each journey takes around 3 and a half hours. The exact time depends on climate conditions.

3.     Can I go one day and return another?

       R/ Yes, you should stay at least one night in Providence, even two or more. We do not recommend doing a round trip the same day because you would not have the time to visit and enjoy the island.

4.     If I need to cancel my trip how do I ask for my refund?

       R/  You can fill-out the refund form in one of our offices or via e-mail.  Please fill-out the contact form in our website or write an e-mail to                               atencionalcliente@conocemosnavegando.com

5.     What other services do you provide?

       R/ Only transportation