You can make your reservation at any of our offices, on our website or if you prefer through our toll free number.

You can make your payment via our website, in our offices or make a wire transfer to our bank account

Once you have made your payment you will receive you travel ticket.

Please arrive to the prier one hour and a half before departure. To board the catamaran you need your id document and tourist card.

Enjoy an amazing experience in paradise.

  • FOR SECURITY REASONS, any person with any medical condition such as hypertension, cardiovascular risk, as well as elderly people should not travel. PREGNANT WOMEN MAY NOT TAKE THIS SERVICE DUE TO THE RISK IT REPRESENTS TO THEIR CONDITION

  • REFUNDS: The carrier will refund the ticket price entirely if the cancellation is due to the Carrier (crew or ship problems). The carrier will refund the ticket price entirely if the cancellation is due to force majeure (natural disaster, war etc). THE COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COSTS INCURRED FOR CANCELLATIONS OUTSIDE THE COMPANY

    The Carrier will charge a penalty fee per ticket per person in case the passenger requests the cancellation of the trip or changes in its reservation. In the event of the death of a close relative, i.e., parent, child, siblings, spouse or in-law, of the ticket holder, the Carrier will authorize the full refund of the ticket as long as the passenger presents the death certificate. It is always recommended to take some medicine to prevent dizziness 1 hour before the trip.

  • All passengers must present their id and tourism card.
  • Passengers under the ages of 12 must travel with a companion over 18.

  • Passengers must be at the prier 1 hour before departure.

  • Boarding ends 45 minutes before departure, if you are not at the port we will understand you are not traveling and we will make use of your seat.

  • Each passenger paying child or adult rate has the right to take 1 bag (158 cm height + length + width) of maximum 18kg and 1 handbag. Any extra luggage will have an extra cost.

  • Each person is responsible for the luggage they take with them and/or electronic devices such as computers, cameras, cellphones, etc. The company is not liable for damage or loss.

  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol or to take any illegal substance during the trip.

  • It is not recommended to chew gum on board.

  • For your own safety and for the safety of the other passengers, it is forbidden to transport flammable or corrosive products such as acid, gasoline, etc. Pets are not allowed.