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Social Responsibility

WE KNOW ABOUT NAVEGANDO SAS is committed to compliance with law 679 of 2001 of August 3 added by law 1336 of 2009 and law 1329 of 17 July on the prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other forms Of sexual abuse with children and adolescents, and opposes all forms of discrimination by gender, creed, race, sexual orientation, ideology, age, origin, disability, etc., and condemns all their manifestations. It is also against child labor exploitation. Our agency works under inclusive criteria of equality and respect.

Taking into account this and as part of our certification process in the NTS TS-003 sector standard, all of our collaborators participated in the certification course against CSEC (Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents).

In this link all the Travel Agencies can enter to take the course and to know the National Strategy of Prevention of the ESCNNA in the context of Travel and Tourism:


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the National Tourism Fund (Fontur), launched the campaign #OJOSENTODASPARTES, which aims to be the link that calls on all economic sectors and civil society, to be attentive to the Situations that pose a risk to children and adolescents, particularly in the context of the development of tourism activities, which seek to be characterized by the responsibility and ethics of the actors involved in its development, under the conviction of being an instrument for the construction Of peace and coexistence.

Watch video :

As contribution and participation in campaigns of protection and prevention in the trade and sexual exploitation with minors. We all entered this link in the option of Sumate #hojos everywhere and uploaded a photo of their eyes.


As a contribution to the cultural heritage, our company brings to the Green Moon Festival prize of a double ticket San Andres - Providencia - San Andres to the winner of the category Mis Best Home Festival (the best typical food).


We made dairy inputs to the event organized by the BROOKS HILL BILINGUAL SCHOOL Parent Association as an initiative to create healthy habits among the student population.


Support in tour of workshops on environmental education organized between 11 and 22 September 2016 on the island of Providencia by means of 3 complimentary tickets on the Catamaran for the San Andres - Providencia - San Andres routes.

The tour was carried out with the intention of bringing forward actions for the care of nature on the island of Providencia, especially in the face of the growing problem of solid waste management.