We know Navigating S.A.S, establishes a policy to fully contribute to the conservation of the environment, the cultural and social wealth of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, complying with sectorial norm NTS-TS-003 and applicable to our activity.

Our sustainability policy establishes the basis of a management system that seeks to promote the principles of respect for the Sea Flower Biosphere Reserve, both in the navigation activity and in the agency's administrative and customer service activities.

We aim to strengthen the productive chains of the Archipelago, guaranteeing first the labor relationship of the island and raizal community. Likewise, our suppliers and contractors also comply with sustainability guidelines proposed by the agency.


• Encourage the conservation of the environment in the islands and the culture of the islands.

• Create a global internal culture of ecosystem preservation.

• Promote the linkage of the island and raizal community in the company.


• Implement programs for the efficient use of water, energy and solid and / or hazardous waste management.

• Implement one (1) program to protect natural and cultural heritage.

• 90% of the agency's suppliers prioritized being from the community according to market availability.

• One (1) in-service training program to improve the skills of the agency's employees.

• 100% of the employees of the agency will be local labor (raizal and / or resident), according to market availability.

• Commitments made by the agency among its employees, customers and suppliers.

We know Navegando carried out the identification of activities and services of its operation that can have an impact on the environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects of the department. Impact assessment with the Matrix of Aspects and Impacts (MT-003) established the prioritization of these impacts, taking into account the number of impacts that would be grouped at each level of significance.

As a result of this evaluation, the agency established the implementation of mitigation actions and control of these impacts, through:

- Program of efficient use and energy saving

- Efficient use and water saving program

- Integrated solid and hazardous waste management program

- Natural heritage program

- Cultural Heritage Program

- Training and information program

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In development of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, Conocemos Navegando S.A.S, warns tourists that exploitation in Colombia are criminally and administratively sanctioned, in accordance with the laws in force. Likewise and in order to comply with Resolution 3840 of December 24, 2009, and according to Article 1 of law 1336 of July 21, 2009, Conocemos Navegando S.A.S have a child protection policy.