Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Conditions of Carriage establish the terms governing the relationship, responsibilities and obligations between the Passenger and the Carrier and are BINDING FOR THE PARTIES.

You must carefully read the Conditions of Carriage that establish your rights, responsibilities and limitations when filing claims against the Carrier, its employees and / or agents. The Carrier's liability is limited in accordance with the provisions of these conditions.


"PASSENGER" purchaser of the Passenger Contract and any person or persons identified in the relevant ticket.

"TRANSPORTER" owner, owner and / or charterer, of the boat.

"BAGGAGE" means any luggage, packages, suitcases, trunks or any other personal object owned or carried by any Passenger, including cabin baggage, hand luggage and items viewed or carried by the person of the Passenger or deposited with The surcharger for safe custody.

"CAPTAIN" person in charge of the Transport Ship at any given time and who is in command of the Cruise Ship.

"MINOR" means any child under 18 years of age.

"TRANSPORT CONTRACT" agreement between the parties to mobilize a passenger from a destination to another known.

"SHIP" vessel or any Replacement Vessel owned by the Carrier, or chartered, operated or controlled by it.


The Carrier declares that it will transport the person identified in the ticket on the specific Voyage on the designated Vessel or the replacement Vessel. The Passenger agrees to be bound by virtue of all terms, conditions and limitations. These Conditions of Carriage can not be modified without the written and signed consent of the Carrier or its authorized representative. The transport service is valid only for the Passenger or Passengers who purchase the ticket, on the date and in the indicated Ship, or on any Replacement Vessel, and is not transferable.


The operation of the vessel is subject to meteorological conditions, mechanical problems, vessel traffic, authorization of the maritime authority, the duty to assist other vessels in danger, the availability of dock facilities, and other factors that may Be outside the control of the Carrier.

Before the Journey begins, the Carrier shall be entitled to cancel it for any reason without prior notice if it deems it necessary for the safety of the Ship or persons on board.

The Carrier or the Captain shall be free to comply with any order or instructions relating to the routes of departure or arrival, interruptions, transhipments, discharge or destination or otherwise given by any competent public authority.

Any date or time specified in any schedule or similar document published by the Carrier shall only be approximate and the Carrier may alter them at any time when the needs so require.


The Passenger shall pay in full all additional charges for goods and services rendered, or those assumed by the Carrier on its behalf, such as medical expenses, beverages, etc.

The Passenger, or in the case of a Minor, his parents or guardians, will respond to the Carrier of any fine or sanction that the authorities impose on the Ship or the Carrier due to the passenger's failure to observe or breach the laws or Regulations.

The Passenger must be presented to board at least one (1) hour before the scheduled departure time to complete any pre-boarding procedures and security controls.

For security reasons, the Passenger agrees that the Carrier's agents register him / her, their luggage and any goods they carry with them.

The Carrier shall have the right to confiscate the items transported or contained in any baggage that it deems, in its sole discretion, dangerous or that represent a risk or inconvenience for the safety of the Cruise Ship or persons on board.

Passengers are prohibited from carrying items that may be used as weapons, explosives, or illegal or dangerous goods.


The Passenger guarantees that it is in good health to travel and that its conduct or state will not affect the safety of the Cruise Ship nor cause discomfort to the rest of the Passengers.

Passengers in a state likely to affect their ability to travel must present a medical certificate prior to departure.

If, in the opinion of the Carrier, the Captain or the doctor of the transporter vessel, a Passenger is not, for whatever reason, fit to travel, or is likely to endanger safety, or is denied permission to land on Any port the Carrier or the Captain shall be entitled to take any of the following measures: (i) deny boarding of the Passenger (ii) administer first aid or any medicine, medicine or other substance, provided that the Captain or an authorized physician Consider it necessary.

When a Passenger is denied boarding for reasons of safety or ability to travel, the Carrier will not be responsible for the losses or expenses caused to the Passenger for that reason, nor will the Passenger be entitled to any compensation from the Carrier.

The Carrier reserves the right to deny passage to any person who has not notified such disability or its specific needs regarding transportation, the need to carry medical equipment or any other disability, which in the judgment of the Carrier or the Captain, is not Apt or not qualified to travel or any person whose status may constitute damage to itself or others on board.

Passengers who require assistance and / or have special requests or who require special dependencies or equipment regarding transportation or who need to bring medical equipment must notify the Carrier at the time of purchase of the ticket. The Carrier is not obligated to facilitate assistance or to comply with any special request unless it has agreed in writing to do so.

Passengers confined to a wheelchair must bring their own standard size chair and must be accompanied by a companion in good health and qualified to assist them.

The Passenger who embarks, or allows the embarkation of any other Passenger of which he is responsible, when he / she or another Passenger suffers any discomfort, illness, injury or physical or mental illness, or is aware of having been exposed to any infection or Contagious disease, or for any other reason may affect the safety or health of other persons on board, or for any reason denied permission to land at its port of destination, shall be liable for any loss or expense assumed by the Carrier or The Captain, directly or indirectly, as a result of such discomfort, illness, injury or illness, exposure or denial of permission to land, unless in the event of discomfort, illness, injury, illness or exposure, Written to the Carrier or to the Captain prior to boarding and written consent has been obtained from the Carrier or the Captain of said vessel.

For reasons of health and safety, the Carrier can not transport pregnant passengers. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse passage at any stage of pregnancy.

Failure to notify the Carrier and the Ship's Physician of the pregnancy shall exempt the Carrier from any liability to the pregnant passenger.


Animals or pets are not allowed on board the Vessel under any circumstances without the written permission of the Carrier. The animals or pets that the Passenger boarded on board without permission will be placed in custody and the necessary procedures will be carried out so that the animal disembarks on the following scale, running the expenses for the exclusive account of the Passenger.


The Carrier does not accept unaccompanied minors. Disembarkation of minors will not be permitted unless accompanied by their parents or a guardian. Adult passengers traveling with a minor will be fully responsible for the conduct and behavior of the minor


It is the obligation and responsibility of the Passenger to request medical assistance when needed. Neither the Carrier nor the doctor will respond to the Passenger because of an inability to treat any medical condition.

In the event of illness or accident, it is possible that the Carrier and / or Captain must disembark the Passengers for medical treatment. The Carrier does not pronounce on the quality of the medical treatment in any port of call or in the place in which the Passenger is disembarked.


Each Passenger can carry a bag or backpack on board as hand luggage. The Passenger agrees to pay the excess baggage in accordance with the carrier's prevailing rates. The goods and luggage of the Passenger must include only personal items.

The Carrier will not be responsible for the fragile or perishable goods that the Passenger carries.

The Carrier shall not be liable for loss or damage to the Passenger's goods or luggage while in its custody.

The Carrier takes all necessary precautions to protect the luggage in case of any eventuality. However, any luggage by its normal transport and handling can present wear, scratches, stains, cuts or loss of the protruding parts like wheels, wallets, pockets, handles, padlocks or other articles adhered, reason why the carrier in these cases does not Can assume no responsibility.


The Passenger shall be liable for and shall reimburse the Carrier for any damage to the Vessel and / or its accessories or equipment or any other property of the Carrier arising out of any negligent or intentional act or omission of the Passenger or of any person of which Passenger is responsible Including, but not limited to, children under 18 traveling with the Passenger.


The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss, injury, damage or inability to perform the Journey resulting from any circumstance of Force Majeure such as, among other things: war, terrorism, real or imminent, fire, natural disasters, catastrophes, Or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Carrier and / or any other unusual or unforeseeable event.


The carrier is not liable for damages caused to passengers, their luggage or personal belongings, when they are generated by force majeure or by chance, or because of the victim or a third party.

This agreement will apply to maritime law and international instruments regulating the matter of maritime passenger transport.

The Carrier's liability in connection with death and / or bodily injury is limited and under no circumstances shall he exceed the limits of liability established under applicable regulations in force.

The Carrier shall not be liable for loss or damage to any item of value such as amounts of money, negotiable securities, precious metals, jewelry, art, cameras, computers, electronic equipment or any other valuables, and their custody, postage or handling Shall be exclusively the passenger.


The Carrier will not indemnify any Passenger because of emotional stress, mental distress and / or psychological injury of any kind, except for whether they are legally liable to the Carrier as a result of an injury caused by an accident due to the Carrier's fault, According to the applicable rules. The passenger states that he knows the conditions of the transport contract and declares that he understands them and submits to them, with the purchase of the ticket.


The Carrier authorizes the full refund of the value of the ticket provided that the cancellation of the trip is due to the Carrier (Disadvantage with the ship or the crew).

The Carrier authorizes the full refund of the value of the ticket in case of cancellation due to force majeure (maritime conditions, natural disasters, war, etc.). The carrier is not responsible for the expenses caused by cancellations outside the company.

The Carrier will charge a penalty for ticket per passenger in the event that the cancellation is requested by the same. The carrier authorizes full reimbursement of the ticket in the event of death of a first-degree relative, ie parents, children, siblings, spouse and in-laws of the ticket holder, provided the copy of the death certificate is presented.

If the Passenger is a resident, he / she must present the OCCRE identification card, and in case the cancellation is requested by the same, the Carrier will charge a penalty per ticket per person.